OPLUS Region NetLock Unlock Code Generator

Convert your IMEI to region unlock code

This generates the unlock code for "Region NetLock" found in realme devices.

This website does not save your IMEI.
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Please enter your IMEI 1 and press "Convert" to get unlock code.
You can get IMEI by dialing *#06# in phone app.

On 2023/04 and later firmware, the authentication was changed to public key authentication. The old method doesn't work now and it's impossible to unlock without password leak from OPPO service center.
I don't have a way to unlock the device with new method, so please don't contact me for it.
For rooted realme devices, you can install my Magisk module to unlock. There's no other way for non-rooted devices.


To get your IMEI 1
Please dial *#06# and you'll get IMEI info. Long-press IMEI 1 to copy it.
To open unlock form
Please dial *#3988691#. If the unlock form appears, enter the converted code in the field.
If it shows "The device has been unlocked!" even if you are locked, there's no know method to unlock yet.