OnePlus Unlock Code Generator

Convert your IMEI to OnePlus FactoryMode (EngineeringMode) unlock code

Tested on OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS
This website does not save your IMEI.
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Please enter your IMEI 1 and press "Convert" to get unlock code.
OnePlus 9 series can unlock permanently, but other models (e.g. OnePlus 7, 8) need to use "Unlock for 10 minutes" mode.
If you have installed EngineeringMode APK before, please uninstall it first.



To get your IMEI 1
Please dial *#06# and you'll get IMEI info. Long-press IMEI 1 to copy it.
To unlock FactoryMode
Please dial *#*#5646#*#*. When the screen to scan comes up, go back and enter the converted code in the field.
To open unlocked FactoryMode
Please dial *#36446337# or *#808#.